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  • Requirements

    • Profile created

    • Vaccinations up to date

    • Spayed/Neutered, if over nine months

    • Well-adjusted temperament, with no signs of aggression or anxiety

    • Temperament test completed at Bronx Barx


If you are interested in signing your dog up for daycare services for the first time, your first step is to make a reservation via your profile for the free one-hour temperament test. During this time, you leave your dog with us at the Bronx Barx facility and we assess their temperament by introducing them to the other guests while looking to ensure positive interactions and no signs of aggression or anxiety. Our goal is to ensure that your dog will fully enjoy their time at Bronx Barx, and ensure a safe and fun environment for all. Following the test, we provide you with a detailed assessment of their behavior in the facility and will confirm the results of the test.


Once your dog passes the temperament test, you will be approved to request reservations for any subsequent day during operating hours. Since the results of the temperament test are not guaranteed, we do require that the temperament test be scheduled prior to any daycare reservations.

Daycare hours of operation

  • Monday-Friday: 7:00am-7:00pm

  • Saturday: 8:00am-5:00pm

  • Sunday: Closed



  • Requirements

    • Active Bronx Barx daycare guest


We currently offer boarding to dogs who regularly attend daycare at Bronx Barx (at least five times in the past three months). This allows us to ensure that each dog boarding with us will thoroughly enjoy their extended stay with us in a fun and safe manner. 


If you are a first time client interested in daycare and boarding services, please review the instructions for setting up daycare reservations above. Unfortunately we do not provide boarding as a stand-alone service

Group Dog Walking

  • Requirements

    • Profile created

    • Vaccinations up to date

    • Well-adjusted temperament, able to walk alongside other well-adjusted dogs

    • Appropriate dog walking gear (collar or harness, leash)


We offer dog walking during the mid-day hours of 12:00pm-3:00pm in the vicinity of our current location (map here). You can see the group walking availability on the portal and select your preferred day(s). Prior to our first visit, we will connect with you to confirm instructions for access to pick up and drop off your dog (providing a key/key fob or other access), and will discuss any particular instructions for the dog walking service, which will be added to your profile. 


  • Requirements

    • Profile created

    • Vaccinations up to date


We offer full grooming services from our certified pet groomer for all types of dogs. You can see the grooming availability and choose the services directly through your profile.

Please note that reservations are held for each client, and in order to honor our groomer's time, we have the following policy for last minute cancelations:

  • <48 hours - 50% charge for reservations canceled less than 48 hours in advance

  • <24 hours - 100% charge for reservations canceled less than 24 hours in advance or no-show


  • Requirements

    • Profile created

    • Vaccinations up to date


Bronx Barx partners with Uptown Doggy to conduct our group classes. You can see details about our current class offerings on our Services page, and view schedules and register for an upcoming group class directly from your profile. 



  • Offered Monday-Friday

  • Requirements

    • Daycare guest

    • Reside within our catchment area (see map for details)

    • Provide key or be available during pick-up/drop-off windows


We offer pick up and drop off services directly from your home to our location and back, with the following window periods. We work to determine the most efficient travel route based on our guest list each day as well as the local traffic. Due to this, we cannot guarantee a specific pick-up or drop-off time, and therefore request either a key and instructions to pick-up/drop-off your dog or for a person to be available during the below window periods. 


  • Pick-up hours: 8:00am-11:00am

  • Drop-off hours: 3:00pm-6:30pm

Requirement details

Bronx Barx Profile: All reservations are scheduled via our Gingr platform. If you are new to Bronx Barx, you can create a profile for you and your dog in 5-10 minutes using this link. And if you already have a profile, you can log in here to make your reservation(s). 


Vaccinations: Please note that in order to protect the health of all dogs in our care, we require that every dog be current with the following vaccinations:

  • Rabies

  • Distemper/Parvo

  • Bordetella

Your dog's vaccination records can be uploaded when you create a profile, or you can also bring hard copies with you to your first visit.  

Neuter/spay: For daycare and boarding, we require that all dogs over 9 months old be fixed.     

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